The best things you can give yourself and the people you love are a healthy body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Physical and mental health deserve a prominent place on any list of things that matter, because illness or infirmity can limit the things you can pursue with vitality and passion. So give exercise and nutrition, illness and infirmity your focused attention when examining ways to bring things that matter into sharp focus. The connection between your body and your brain is synergistic. Let it be something beyond just bones and blood, organs and biology, nerves and muscles.

A disease, for example, is a condition that prevents the body and mind from working properly. And failing to pay attention to things that matter is a frequent cause of physical and mental disharmony. The questions below are aimed at helping you evaluate how healthy you are in body, mind and spirit.

If you no longer sing in the shower and dance in the rain, have you lost touch with your body?

If you are no longer enchanted with the power of stories to inform, inspire and instruct, have you lost touch with your mind?

If you are no longer comfortable with silence, contemplation and reflection, have you lost touch with your heart?