Blessed are the children of scrap bookers for they shall inherit our scrapbooks!

Your Things that Matter scrapbook can be a kind of memoir where you collect words and pictures to showcase the things you have learned about yourself and the world in your journey from the mornings to the afternoons and evenings of your life. Like pieces stitched together in a quilt, scrapbooks weave our memories into a storybook of our lives.

Make yours more than just a photo album or a picture gallery. Breath life into your photos and pictures with words that tell you and the people who visit your scrapbook what a picture can only show. Yes, a picture can be worth a thousand words. But the same picture will mean different things to you as you move from the mornings to the afternoons and into evenings of your life. And your words will be the key that opens the door to those differences, not the picture.

Your scrapbook will improve your hindsight, make it less likely that you have blurred fact with fiction, or confused a foolish choice with a wise one. Your scrapbook will reveal the deep connections you had with a friend and the positive impact a teacher had on your life. Your scrapbook will reveal what blessed your past rather than cursed your present soften the distance between today and yesterday. Okay, you'll be tempted to smooth the rough edges from those good old days. But if that ride to school every morning really was uphill both ways, let it be!