Find what you like doing best, a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.

When you work well, with focused enthusiasm and passionate purpose, people will think well of you, and you will think well of yourself. Passion is rooted in who you are and arises from an inherent ability to be the music that is you. If you passionately want to do something, you can. Without passion, your music will remain inside you, unfulfilled and unlived. And you'll know something is missing: unfinished business has sabotaged your peace of mind. A job is doing something. A career is being somebody that matters by doing something that matters.

Are you desperately searching for something that will bring you passion and purpose? You don't get passion and purpose from something. You give passion and purpose to something. Passion and purpose are things that matter, and they come from within. And when you give them to something or someone, you get happiness and peace of mind.

Your mindset plays an essential role in the quest for peace of mind at work. Two people, for example, can go through the same fire, but one can come out burned and the other can come out purged. If you get up some morning and don't feel like going to work, go anyway with the mindset that when you get there you'll feel like it. Think of your mindset, your attitude towards things, as a sailboat. You are free to choose one course over another, and the winds will be favorable, or not, according to the set of your sail.

Are there things you'd be more passionate about than others? Of course, and if you were lucky enough to have parents who allowed you to explore a wide variety of work related activities, you already know which of those things you want to pursue more passionately than the others.

If not, then bring passion to whatever you're doing right now, and your passion will produce your greatest achievements and finest moments, friendship on fire, meaningful work. And that will happen whether your "something" makes you famous or not because your happiness and peace of mind can come from keeping a roof over your family's head and beans on their table. But do it well, with passion, so you feel good about yourself. Purpose applied with passion, for example, will transform a menial job into a meaningful career.

Chances are you're not an Isaac Newton, an Albert Einstein or a Carl Sagan. Chances are you're not an Abraham Lincoln, a Winston Churchill, or a Martin Luther King. So be yourself. Everyone else is taken. That means pursuing something that makes sense with who you are. Perfection, for example, isn't a passion, it's an obsession.