When I see a flowering zucchini plant, my heart skips a beat.

Yeah, zucchini might not be very high on your list of things that matter but I wanted the last essay to be a topic that begins with the letter Z, and zucchini was the only one I could find in my dictionary that I knew anything about. Have you ever eaten zucchini bread? Oh... My... God! Makes my mouth water just typing these words. My wife is a Magician in the Kitchen and her recipe for zucchini bread is one of the reasons why. Yes, she lets me in her kitchen, but only to chop and shred the zucchini because she learned earlier in our friendship that I could be trusted with sharp objects but not with fire or a hot stove. I can't boil water without burning it!

Seriously though, I hope you've enjoyed your journey through these essays. If someone were to ask me to explain who I am, I would ask them to read these Things that Matter topics. If you'd like to discuss them with me, send your questions, comments and suggestions to... qwertyportne at outlook dot com. My mail box is always open to new friends. Your words matter...