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Things That Matter

If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. Even if you have a destination in mind, you need the right place to begin because some journeys can't begin from just anywhere. Take the man traveling in upstate New York, for example. When he realized he was lost, he stopped next to a farmer plowing his field and waved him over. "I'm trying to get to Syracuse." The farmer shook his head. "Sorry son. You can't get there from here."

Let these blogs be the here that gets you there—a beginning that puts you on a path to discovering things that matter. Keep in mind that each plays a subtle or explicit role in the significance of the others. Those interactions create something beyond a mere sum of its parts that depends on how you interpret and apply them. So embrace these essays as food for thought and action. Let them take you beyond just surviving to thriving—personally and professionally—and then to an enlightened sense of self.

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