In running, as in any endeavor, specificity and passion are essential to success.

Cross Country

At the Valley League Championships, I finished 2nd and my team finished 1st. The 1st place finisher (Jimmy Weil) and I both broke the course record by over 7 seconds.

At the LA City Championships, I finished 5th and my team finished 3rd. My finish had alot to do with being awarded Athlete of the Semester at Monroe high.

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China Cup Series

In the Fall of 1985, I got to talking to a guy named Harry Hartley just ahead of me in the finish line of a 10K race. For me, it was just another 10K listed in Runners World magazine. But Harry told me it was one of 12 races in the China Cup Series sponsored by a guy named John Blair, the legendary coach of the Corona Del Mar high school. Harry got me enthused about running the entire series in 1986. So at the turn of the year, I entered the first of the series and won my age division. That encouraged me to run the other eleven races in the series and finished the last race as the overall winner of the 40-49 age division. Yahoo!

June Lake Triathlon

In my mid 40's I began racing biathlons on a Schwinn Varsity, then bought a Nishiki to get into triathlons. My first swim-bike-run was at June Lake in northern California. The water was a frigid 58, and I was still a lousy swimmer, so several hundred swim-bike-runners beat me to the finish. The next year, I finished 19th overall and set the 40-49 course record on an Olmo Firenze. Andy did that triathlon too and finished 1st in the 15 and under division.

The Mule Run Ultra

This is a 50K ultramarathon held in the high desert near Bishop California. The route is 16 miles into the pine trees and 15 miles back to the high desert. At the 28 mile mark, you encounter a super steep sand hill called Mule Mountain, the race's namesake. I broke the 5 hour barrier—something few runners can do. After the finish, I was walking to my car when a train of thoughts overwhelmed me. Those thoughts eventually became a story in memory of my son Andy called An Acorn Day.